Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Flying Mortarboards!

2 years ago, with a heavy heart and weary eyes, we entered the temple of learning. 

50 subjects, millions of assignments, trillions of pages of assigned reading, countless cases, endless lists of powerpoints and an insane list of spreadsheets later, did we just become a little more wiser?

If the answer is yes, quit reading this and pursue satisfying your unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Harvard Business Reviews and The Economists of the world awaits you. 

For all the others who believe that this was the two years that meant life, read on!

We did become more humane, came out of our comfort zones, confronted lives, got crushes and got crushed, bridged the regional gaps, learned new crafts and became craftier. 

We became new individuals, more witty and eloquent, more personified, more strong, diligent, zealous, valiant, industrious, calm, composed, compassionate, elegant and all the more, better dignified human beings. 

To add to that, we stood for each other, regardless of who we were, where we came from, we stood up for our friends. 

As the last thread that was binding us snapped when we received the shard of paper embossed in gold, the inners have already gelled in and formed an inseparable mound of friendship coupled with sparks of love soaked in the ocean of the togetherness that lay frenzy in the course of time. 

50 mugged up subjects, millions of copied assignments, trillions of pages of assigned reading which we did not even bother opening, countless cases which we read and did not understand, endless lists of beautifully animated powerpoints copied and edited from Scribd and Slideshare and an insane list of jigsaw spreadsheets later, we just became a little more of what we really are. 

The mortarboards flew in the air
With a promise kept to spare
Forever shall kindle the flame
Never to be the flame
Friends shall we remain
Till time sets us apart

The Perspective

Didn't you ever feel for a fact that life is all about perspectives?

After all, what is right and what is wrong?

All that matters is perspectives. 

It is not true for a fact that the sun rises in the east. We took the perspective for granted. Our forefathers took up the direction as a perspective to map the other directions. 

Life is a wild race set upon the calmness, chivalry and cavernous attitude of perspective. We seek the endless meaning of life with either our carnal uncouth barbaric desires or shall relentlessly pursue it with the magnanimity of attitudes. 

If perspectives weren't a part of the tantrums in life, the whole cycle would be a circle of apathy. If our perspectives on life were moulded in properly with good incline, we would see the brighter side of things. A tube light spreads brightness with its light spreading white vision. If at all we perceive it to be in a negative incline, it is depressing white light throwing sight on to the misery that yearns to be hidden in the folds of darkness. 

Perspectives matter!

But when I wrote this, there weren't anything, no perspectives, no direction, no right, no wrong. 

If a perspective was put to it, it was directed to kill time!

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