Monday, 30 June 2014

Ajaya- Book Review

Everything is based on perspective. I might see the good in him, while you might see the bad in him. 
In fact, the whole world saw him in that angle. 

Ajaya- The Roll of the dice breathes fresh air into the great Indian epic, Mahabharata. The author, Anand Neelakantan has created a wisp of new aura around the first born Kaurava prince, Suyodhana who is renowed to the whole world by his evil name, Duryodhana.  

With every passing line and every page turned, Anand creates a halo of goodness around Suyodhana and portrays the ever-loved comely Pandavas as tracherous or evil. 

In the turn of events, the vicious cycle of life takes turn to pit against Kauravas and Pandavas which led to the hostility between the cousins. 

It was indeed the hatred of Shakuni towards Bhisma and the arch nemeses sisters-in-law Gandhari and Kunti made the plot of Mahabharata more sinistrous.

The fresh perspective is enticing and Anand had made a wonderful effort to make Ajaya a cheerful read. 

Kudos to Anand and his upcoming endeavours. 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Evolution of Life (Mobile Phones, Ahem! & .....)

Our great grandparents would have never thought that at the push of a protuberance on the wall, a storage area would be filled with water. And the very thought of spinning a round (sometimes other shapes too) something, the water would come out of a hollow something-else would have been amusing. The flow being controlled at will and put to stop when wanted would have made them stand in bewilderment. 

Life is being made easy day by day. The small plastic-metal combination that are held in our hands was once upon a time giant massive blocks that could be used only for calls and texting. Dropping it from a height would create a hole on the ground, the height of the fall causing an isomorphic depth. The massiveness reduced with time and the packaging became more and more complex. Calls gave way to video calls, SMS became via the web. Integrating into them, were cameras, music players and video players making a person carrying 3 different gadgets for serving these purposes look like a Stone Age time traveller. 

As complexity gave its best to us, the directions to any place, understanding our voice, reading our biometrics etc became the need of the hour and found its place on the phone. 

We are being that dependent on technology where meeting friends is a time where we are 50% involved with them and remaining with our phone. Texts, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter are indispensable. Like toilet paper (sorry for the sophistication, mug, bucket and water), iPad is the most essential tool to aid potty. 

We are slaves to technology. Loving and living the slavery shall be cursed and put on blamed one day.  

The future: A phone that would tap into the minds and be a companion. Who would want a wife or a girlfriend when there is a pal who has no mood swings irrespective of which part of the month it is?
But beware, it shall tap in so much that we shall be nothing more than zombies approaching an apocalypse.  

As I was thinking of this, another crept in to push this to the back of the mind. More room to proliferate.

The thought of how we came about the evolution of vehicles.

Remember we used to roll down the windows to come in contact with fresh air. Remember the struggle to turn the steering when the car was stay put. Remember how we prayed when we had to push a sudden brake. 

I am sure it is always there as a fresh memory in the minds of our parents who now drive in the lap of luxury. Not meaning that everyone drives a Merc or Beemer. Even a normal Maruti Swift now has all the necessary gadgetry as a part of its standard equipment. A push and the window goes down. 2 fingers is all what is needed to turn the steering. ABS, hopefully would take care of the braking. 

The yesteryear's driving had a wisp of fun involved- a feeling that you drive the car by yourself. Fidgeting with the bunch of keys to find the right one, to open the car, when rolling down the windows was quite an exercise, driving with all your might on the steering, gear, accelerator, clutch and brake and then reversing the same initial exercise to close and get out of the car. 

The life has changed when machines have taken over. Key in your pocket. The smart switch on the door knob senses it and you open the door and enter. Inside the car, is a myriad of buttons and screens making you confounded. Push of a button and the vehicle starts. Key still in the pocket. The rolling down of windows gave way to power windows which then came with an auto touch up/down feature. Drive the route, the GPS in the centre console will alert if any wrong route is taken. The AC adjusts to our wish of temperature. The seats are auto reclining, massaging and stores who likes what angle of recline in its memory. The car gives its share of entertainment, movies, music and radio and sets the theme with a mood lighting. Get down the car and your ride has its own way of saying goodbye with its follow me home headlamps.

Drat, you forgot to roll up the windows. The car can take care of her, it automatically rolls it up and hey presto, and the car is locked and safe.

The future is going to go somewhere beyond imagination. 

But aren't we being shackled to this dominion of technology? Getting lazy in the course of action. 

As I put you to thought, let me sign off.

Mother, I bow to thee!

Pampered we live, life giving us the best. 
But what we take from thy, puts her to rest
Shall we thrive to ignite a mind
Of a passion, thou shall see kind
Off I go, to sleep
Hoping never to weep
For the path we tread
Is I doubt the path we need 

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