Thursday, 24 April 2014

And a month later!

What to say? Where to start?

I have been quite out of touch since my fingers were smothering the touch of the keyboard for other purposes. (FYI, no puns intended!)

It has been busy for most of us. Marriages, jobs, travel etc etc has been on the cards. 

As we crossed the gates of the college, we were pretty happy on the thought that we are now going to a world of independence, a world that was not going to hold us back because we did not have gate passes.

Well, we were given our ticket to independence, with a little or no premonition that we had just entered the world of voluntary slavery. 

Just look back at what we had and what we did. 
Life by the lakes was a breeze, that sometimes had a frost bite, but easily manageable. 

Assignment submissions could have been at will. You could just copy some crap off the internet and submit it. What could happen at the maximum? The plus sign in the letter grade could be taken off or maybe take the vertical bar off it to make it a minus. Barely mattered. Plus, you had a week to submit the paper. 

The boss at office would come and ask you to do that same amount of work and submit it before you leave that same day. 

It is usually one or two assignments per subject. The office usually has the next work ready in line to start off with, as you just finish off with the one. One after the other, you would be doing whatever assigned to you, just as the genie who was uncorked.

You were happily on proxy in class. Clock that bloody, boring and tiringly long 8 and a half hours in office or else the lost hours would reflect as lost hundreds on your salary. No fool’s play. No goofing around. Business is business, pal.

We thought that money was going to come in big numbers. No more asking parents for money. Not answerable to anyone.

We are paying through our noses.

The internet in campus. High speed and unlimited. Now as we want to download that awesome IMDB 8.0 rated movie, we just go to the internet account page, check the balance, plot a mental graph that if the movie download would make you off the wire during the last 2 days of the month. 

ACs were on round the clock in the hostel rooms. Just try that at your new place. Better do it after giving the bank, instructions to credit the whole month's salary in the EB's account. 

Life, huh? 

Did you just realize that in a couple of years, almost all of us would heard the chime of the wedding bells? Did you just realize that getting married means hell lot of responsibility? Check it out with the friend who just got married last week. Future reference can be taken from the guy who is getting engaged this week. 

We are getting responsible. For our own actions.


Brace yourself, LIFE is approaching in full force.

Attye peace!

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